The Not Too Bad midlength is your favourite mini log!

It holds a lot of volume in the center while it’s very thinned out towards the rails. This combined with a relatively high bottom rocker is the main reason this board rides like it does. It’s hard to find a place where you can’t use this board. The big nose and high volume makes for a very early, almost longboard like entry. You can catch a tiny wave and ride it out to the beach. The spoon in the nose makes cheeky noserides possible. The thin rails and rocker make it loose and versatile and we have some friends who rode it on French waves up to 2.5m. It’s a very cruizy board for more log-style surfing designed for long rides and big turns, but nothing you can’t find in the North-Sea.

We would usually just ride it with a singefin but on bigger or steeper waves we would go for a 2+1 to give it more stability.

If this sounds like your type of surfing, go ahead and give our test board a try! Available at B.R.A.S.C.O Haarlem.


0.5 – 2.5 m, not too steep. Preferably an open face and a cruizy break. Works well on Dutch spots like Wijk aan zee or mellow days on Scheveningen or any other spot that gets a mellow wave breaking on the outside bank on low-tide.

Golf not too bad