This Modern all round longboard will give every rider the ability to ride each wave easily. The overall style of the board has an emphasis on stability, control and smooth turning. The Golden Rule is all about having the volume where it is needed. Having the right amount of foam under your torso for fast paddling or foiling the tail out so the board can perform when turning. We love the way the Golden Rule surfs.

OUTLINE: You will find that the Golden Rule has a very balanced outline. We have pulled the nose in to give it a bit more of a performance feel. A parallel mid-section creates a huge standing zone, and we have tapered the tail to help break a line and turn smoothly.

ROCKER: Nice and low through the entry makes for fast paddling, which equates to being able to get onto the waves earlier. Relaxed through the middle, but with enough curve to facilitate a smooth turning arc on the wave face. And finally, there’s a little extra lift in the tail to make turning easier for surfers moving up in their abilities.

CONTOURS: We have given the Golden Rule a slight concave in the nose, then simplified soft vee in the mid section, running into vee/double concave through the tail. This is designed to help promote smoother rail-to-rail transitions on a longer board, yet still provide control in steeper sections, and deliver a feeling of pivotal sensitivity when turning right off the tail.

FOIL: We have thinned our the nose and tail from previous models also smooth it out towards the rails, providing added stability and making this board simple to ride, regardless of your skill level.

PERFORMANCE: The Golden Rule has volume allocation to give the maximum chance of the rider having the most fun on the wave. The ease at which it can get into the wave and then perform on the wave will delight everyone from those new to longboarding to seasoned veterans. You will be able to tap into the true versatile nature of this board and its reliability across so many different types of waves. If you’re a traveller, or just like having one dependable longboard in your quiver, this is it.

Dimensions Volume Fins Included
9’1 x 23 1/8” x 3 ¼” 75.0 ltr 7” Center / FCS II Quad Rear
9’6 x 23 3/8” x 3 3/8” 82.7 ltr 8” Center / FCS II Quad Rear