B.R.A.S.C.O Single Fin 6.5" - Yellow

B.R.A.S.C.O Single Fin 6.5" - Yellow

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For our B.R.A.S.C.O "in house" single fin, we teamed up with our favorite fin company MAKAI to collab.

Based on The well-balanced Lango single fin: it has smooth turns and trim in mind and was developed and tested Wijkiki-style.Built with a 5.5” base and streamlined rake for agility, drive and hold in tight spots. Great place to start for an everyday fin, this is good longboard action and stoke on any surf day.   

  • Height: 6.5"
  • Base: 5.5"

 If this sounds like your type of surfing, go ahead and give our test fin a try! Available at B.R.A.S.C.O Haarlem.